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Case Study – GCC Real Estate Fund – UAE

Case Study – GCC Real Estate Fund – UAE


A specialized overseas real estate investment fund  -total worth $1 billion- decided to enter the Egyptian real estate market with a pilot project not exceeding $1 million

Services Required:

– Find a local partner in middle or upper –middle class  construction market

– Find the adequate land and buy it

– Build a feasibility study for a revenue share model

– Work with the partner to create a legal entity and kick-start the project


– We have scanned the market and proposed several real estate developers that fit the criteria

– Proposed several plots of lands that are suitable for the venture

– Met with several local legal entities to draft a shareholders agreement suitable to the business case

– Studied two different scenarios and discussed with the customer, his partner, and legal advisors

– Successfully closed the deal as per our customers need ensuring an adequate IRR and ROI

– Currently Monitoring the execution of the deal and working with them on a potential larger investment

Project Details

  • Category:
  • services:
    Due Diligence, Business Planning & Feasibility Studies, Investment Opportunities & Project Financing, Investment Opportunities & Real Estate – Dev. & Partnerships
  • Country:
    Egypt & UAE
  • Mandate:
    Due Diligence, Business Planning & Feasibility Studies + Investment Opportunities & Project Financing
  • Partner(s) we worked with:
  • Partner(s)’ Role:
  • Project Duration:
    3 years
  • Current Situation:
    70% finished
  • Outcome:
    Customer is currently reselling the project for a very rewarding premium and looking at larger investments with a slightly different business model
  • Project Value:
    $1 Million
  • Tags:
    Business Plan, Coordination, moderation, Partnerships, Project Financing, Real Estate, Support