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Mini Case Studies – XYZ International

Mini Case Studies – XYZ International


***XYZ International (Dubai) is a Sourcing, Exporting, and Importing company specializing -among other activities- in supplying cement factories in Egypt with both Clinker and Steam Coal (among others), replacing the shortage in Energy supply to those factories.

Services Required:

XYZ International was seeking a competitive professional logistics co. to provide special shipping rates from **Asia – Africa.



ACCESS sbs provided 3 offers for XYZ International, the most competitive and suitable for their requirement was a British Co. who chartered vessels specially for the shipments and has worked hand in hand with XYZ International to ensure all its contractual and logistical needs are met.

Today ACCESS sbs is working hand-in-hand with XYZ International on many of its projects in the MENA region.


*** Based on request of owner to stay anonymous – this XYZ replaces the name of the company

** Origin & Destination were also requested to remain unknown

Project Details

  • Category:
  • services:
    Business Development, Strategic Partnerships
  • Country:
    UAE - UK - EGYPT
  • Mandate:
    Find best shipping rates for 3 shipments
  • Project Duration:
    1 year 3 months
  • Current Situation:
    Last shipment - end of 2015
  • Outcome:
    cooperation ongoing
  • Project Value:
  • Tags:
    Business Development, Partnerships, shipping solutions, Support