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Case Study – BusyBeesGroup – Egypt (UAE)

Case Study – BusyBeesGroup – Egypt (UAE)


BusyBees is one of Dubai’s exclusive cleaning and household service companies. They turn over half a billion Dirham a year. BusyBees recognized an existing need in Egypt for differentiated premium household services, and now want to make an aggressive entrance.

Services Required:

BusyBees approached ACCESS sbs to help on specific points:

  • Pricing strategy and positioning
  • Marketing material and channels
  • Approach & Business Development with renowned real estate developers to secure long term  exclusive contracts
  • Day to day management consultancy


  •  BusyBees holds today (1 year) about 15-20% of market share of the niche market and growing at an exponential rate.
  • Implementing an integrated and very effective/dynamic marketing plan with ACCESS sbs 3rd party partners
  • ACCESS sbs engineered and monitored negotiations with 2 of the big Real Estate Developers – Signed with New Giza
  • Innovative marketing material & channels; Gezira Club, online store & e-marketing, special promotions and booths,…among others
  • Worked on and implemented a modular & methodical  way of management
  • Currently working on a breakthrough idea bringing BusyBees services to the technological & Medical arenas
  • We are still proudly consulting BusyBees on every sensitive investment decision and operational engagement (even with 3rd parties)

Project Details

  • Customer:
    BusyBees Group
  • Category:
  • services:
    Branding, Business Development, e-store and on-line marketing, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Representation. & Launch (Country & Region)
  • Demo:
  • Country:
  • Mandate:
    Strategy, Marketing, Business Development
  • Partner(s) we worked with:
    Business Boomers
  • Partner(s)’ Role:
    e-store creation & management, social media management, electronic ads
  • Project Duration:
    Feb 2015 - Ongoing
  • Current Situation:
    Company Growing at 10%/year
  • Outcome:
    Very Satisfied Customer...New bigger responsibilities underway
  • Project Value:
    LE 35,000 (1.5 years) + bonus
  • Tags:
    Business Development, Graphic, Label, Negotiations, Pricing Point Strategy, Strategy Consultancy